Sunday, October 19, 2008

Testimonials are KEY

One of the powerful messages I got at the "Big Mouth, Big Money" speaking seminar, was that testimonials are KEY to credibility, and are the voice to a new audience to tell them how good you are when they know nothing about you or your work. Authors have them as quotes on the back of their books, and no one is too big to benefit from a testimonial even Stephen King, a tried and true author.

Of all the speakers at the two day event, it was Joel Bauer that reached and moved me the most. I was so touched by his presentation that I gave him a set of my collector card set in appreciation. Well a few days after the event I received an email from Joel, and I feel I can share it here as his testimonial to my work.

"Dear Jozef,
Love your work, energy and focus...
Hope to see you soon!
Thank you for translation of your lifespan in dreaming!

Thank you Joel.

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