Friday, October 24, 2008

ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference 2009

ICv2 is the thought leader for the comics and graphic novels industry amongst other pop culture subjects including manga and anime. ICv2 has just announced its annual conference to be held on Thursday 5 February 2009 – the day prior to the NY ComicCon. The promo material says:
In a time of rapid change, market players need both insight into the trends and the inspiration to put that insight to work. Insight comes from information, and inspiration comes from hearing different perspectives on what's working and what's not from the smartest, most successful people in the business.

The ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference is where the graphic novel industry gathers to get that insight and inspiration, and in its fourth year, the Conference will play a more critical role than ever in helping publishers, retailers, librarians, creators and agents continue the growth of graphic novels into a dominant medium in American culture.
Jozef and I went to the 2nd Conference in 2006 and we got an awful lot out of it. Next year Art Spiegelman will be talking and that (as well as the industry white paper) is worth the price of admission. Sessions include "Comics on the Web – Marketing Tool or Revenue Stream?", "Comics and Social Networks", and "What the !@##*! Happened to Comics". Check out the NY ComicCon website for details. Wish we were going! Grumble Grumble ...

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