Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mer Creature Sculpture Finds Loving Home [UPDATED 26/01/15]

It's Julie here, and quite frankly I have to say the new year has got off to a great start. I'm sure the accompanying photos with this blog post will give you some indication why I am smiling.

A few weeks ago my friend Nick Nicolaou from Makeup Effects Group emailed me to let him know one of his interns – Hannah Crosby – was looking for a home for a sculpture she had created. 

Turns out that Hannah had just finished a props course at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). As part of her final year assignment, Hannah created a large statue of a mer creature. It had been standing in the NIDA foyer for some time but needed to move out to make way for new installations, and Hannah had no place to store it and would have been quite bereft if she had had to throw it out. Nick asked me if the statue could come home with me and I shouted a mighty "Yes!" without hesitation.

So a few days ago, my dad and I drove out to NIDA in a borrowed ute and met Hannah and her studio partner – Aussie comiker Matt Godden whom I have known for many years from a Sydney comics meet up (talk about another coincidence!). We spent some time chatting and easing the statue out of storage then loading it up and tying it off. Then home it came.

Just so you have a clearer vision of its dimensions and how it was constructed, it's made from polystyrene with a steel armature on the inside. The surface is coated with gyprock and finished to look like bronze. The statue is life-sized and about 1.8 metres tall and 1.5 metres square. It isn't that heavy but is attached to a wooden plinth painted black which is about 1 metre square.

Nick suggested that it would look great in the garden and he is right... However, I am hesitant in leaving it in the rain and we've had some heavy showers the last few days. Right now I am tossing up where to put it. The library would be perfect except for the fact it is occupied by cats at all times of the day and night, and I suspect they would use the sculpture as a climbing tree. I am also thinking about the outdoor patio area which is near a fountain. It is all undercover but we would really need to see how it fit in with the surroundings. It is temporarily being stored in one of our empty sheds so it is not exposed to the elements but we will figure it out soon.

I also have some plans to showcase it to an appreciative mer audience down the track. One way or another it is going to be given pride of place.  I am thrilled with it, I get great pleasure looking at it, and I am very appreciative that Hannah has entrusted it to me. Thanks, Hannah (which by the way is a name shared by the world famous Hannah Fraser AKA "Hannah Mermaid"!).

For more information about Hannah Crosby and her business check out her website Crosby Art.

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