Friday, May 31, 2013

BMP Supports Books in Homes

Last year in a blog post we mentioned an Australian charitable foundation called Books in Homes to let you know about this great program we've been supporting. Books in Homes aims to give books to children in remote communities or in low socio-economic circumstances. Since that time, I (Julie) in my capacity as a Books in Homes role model, have attended three book-giving assemblies at primary and infants schools in my local area where I talked about amongst other things... yes, you guessed it... mermaids! I brought one of my book treasures – my copy of Ruth Manning Sanders A Book of Mermaids to show everybody. The kids loved the illustrations but alas we did not have time to read one of the stories aloud because the most important part of the agenda was to hand out the book satchels and shake the hand of every child in the room. It was a delight to do so because dare I say it... a book in the hand is worth two ebooks in the digital world. The kids' faces reflected their enthusiasm and happiness which was wonderful.

Anyway, we were equally happy and proud to be given a sponsorship presence on the Books in Homes catalogue with the inclusion of the Black Mermaid logo (see top row right below), and our support will continue later on in the year and beyond.

We can't mention enough how Books in Homes is helping Australian children so we encourage you to support this very worthy cause.

CLICK ON THE LINK to see the Term 1, 2013 Book Catalogue.
CLICK ON THE LINK to see the Term 2, 2013 Book Catalogue.

CLICK ON THE LINK to check out the Books in Homes website to find out more, to make a donation or to see how YOU can provide your support.

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