Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mermaids in Comics 7 – The Devil from the Deep

"The Devil from the Deep" is a seven-page short comics story, which featured in the vintage anthology Nightmare #2 published by Ziff-Davis Publications in 1952. The comic book, which had 36 pages in all, sold for 10 cents. The short story is about – SPOILER ALERT – a rabid cannibalistic mermaid who bewitches the fisherman who catches her on his line off the Florida Keys and then proceeds to eat his friends.

We personally love these little gems both in prose and comics formats. Julie has a great collection of short story anthologies called 50 Great Horror Stories, 50 Tales of Terror and others. No mermaid tales amongst those. Good to find a horror mermaid story in comics.

You can read the full story on Comic Book Plus – just scroll down the page and use the NEXT button and go to page 9.

And a big thanks goes out to Marcelo Baez for alerting us to this great little treasure.

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