Thursday, February 7, 2013

Movie Mermaids 6 – Empires of the Deep 3D

Okay... we haven't seen this movie yet because it's not out yet but we're bringing it to your attention so that you can be aware of it. Apparently  Empires of the Deep is a 3D action-advanture fantasy film, and is a US-Chinese co-production.

Angie Han from the Slash Film blog gives us the following commentary on the upcoming epic:  

Remember way back before Avatar came out, when news of its behind-the-scenes woes, budget headaches, and unoriginal plotline had some commentators predicting one of the most expensive flops in cinema history? And then how when it actually came out, audiences were so dazzled by the gorgeous world of Pandora that it actually went on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time? 
Yeah, that probably won’t happen with Empires of the Deep, a troubled and terrible-looking 3D epic that was $130 million and three years in the making. The Chinese-American co-production stars Olga Kurylenko as the the queen of the mermaids, or something, who gets embroiled in an underwater war between various sea creatures and sea monsters, or something. The trailer emphasizes fancy visuals over storytelling and character, but the visuals aren’t even that good to begin with. Watch the video after the jump.
You can read more at "'Empires of the Deep' Trailer: Here's What Three Years, $130 Million, and Olga Kurylenko Gets You".

The film has turned up on Rotten Tomatoes, albeit without a rating simply because it hasn't been released yet. However, 69% of the RT audience have said they want to see it. We don't know whether the motivation will be to indict it or to give it an honest go.

This case sort of reminds us of Waterworld, which was made in 1995 and starred Kevin Costner. It's set on post-apocalyptic Earth where the entire planet is underwater due to the melting of the polar ice caps. There's a wonderful underwater sequence where we see a drowned city. However, it's not a mermaid movie and indeed the closest we get to a mermaid is seeing that the Mariner character has gills. Both Jozef and I actually liked the film. It was certainly not as bad as some of the critics led us to believe. The box office exceeded the budget so it also wasn't the bomb that many said it was.  

In the case of Empires of the Deep, we prefer to find our for ourselves!

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