Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photos 2 – OzCon 5 (BMP Classic and Mermaid)

We thought you might get a kick out of these nostalgic photos, which we just dug up —that's Julie with Bruce Love (our previous BMP Classic business partner and co-writer of WaveDancers and Dart), and Jozef with the long cascading hair. Jozef had just bought a fashion mannequin, which we dressed up as a mermaid. If we had had a big budget we would have made her a beautiful black sequinned costume but we really liked the colours of her tail and head-dress.  She was a HUGE hit and lots of people came and posed next to her and took lots of pretty pics, which proves the point that mermaids are universally loved, especially hot ones like this one. Her fin is quite spectacular!

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