Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mermaid Products That Take Our Fancy 1 - AquaShop

There are a whole bunch of wonderful mermaid groups on FaceBook. Equally, there are a whole bunch of wonderful mermaid products being promoted. We'd like to bring you a selection of these over the upcoming months as they come across our path.

The first one is a real cutie: mermaid tweezers. We suspect they'll be more decorative than functional because they are just too pretty to use. We think that many a mermaid lover will have them on the bedroom vanity or in their bathroom poking out of a glass container so they can be seen tail and all. Price: USD$14 for a set of four. You can buy them at the AquaShop, and if you want to keep updated on other products in the mix , then just join the FaceBook page.

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