Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mermaids & Mythology Elf~Fin Interview

We were thrilled that the UK-based Mermaids & Mythology magazine chose to feature Elf~Fin in a double page spread. It included several panels of Jozef's comic book artwork, a big Black Mermaid Productions logo which we're so proud of, and an interview about the comic book project. 

Here's a little taste-test of the interview:

Do you intend to tackle environmental issues in the story-lines? Or is it all very light hearted?

Our world of Elf~Threaal is a fantasy world and so it is different to the earth world we all live on. However, we explore human dilemma through mermaid stories. In the past we've examined identity theft, domestic violence and kidnapping of children. In Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed we explore soul mate love, affairs, corruption of children, and aging. These themes emerge organically .... the characters expose them to us.  In all likelihood, we will deal with environmental themes in the future. However, we prefer to show our characters living in harmony with the environment and having respect for elemental forces because our experience has been that young readers can model and be inspired by fiction to live authentic lives where they honour rather than destroy. Sometimes the simplest panels of artwork can have a powerful effect on the human psyche and we have letters from some of our readers who have said their lives have been touched and changed by seeing some of our comics story panel art.

The magazine is chock full of specialness (we sound like Buffy here!) with a profile on Hannah Mermaid and the famous Mertailor tail-maker Eric Durame, a story on Carolyn Turgeon's novel Mermaid, sumptuous artwork by David Delamare, and much much more. To order your subscription, just log onto the Mermaid Magazine website.

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