Sunday, May 29, 2011

MCA Zine Fair Post Mortem

Black Mermaid Productions exhibited last weekend at its first event in years. Our first venture out as exhibitors was at the annual MCA (which stands for the Museum of Contemporary Art) Zine Fair in Sydney, which is part of the Sydney Writers' Festival. The Federation Hall served as the convention space – it was a lovely open room with pillars, harbour views and lots of light streaming in. The event attracted around 4000 people and at times was quite squeezy.

The Fair was partly social as well – Marcelo Baez and Tom Bonin were exhibiting, and we met fellow comics professionals Chewie Chan, Jordan Verzar, Tim McEwen and clan, and other friends who popped in to visit and to have a look around. The event was excellently organised and we have Melinda Garcia from the MCA to thank for that.

This was also the first time we marketed the Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed Preview to the general public. We're happy to say 60 percent of the 250 limited edition print run has been bought now. We were happy to talk to new readers, and we enjoyed seeing kids pat the plastic turtle and octopus on our table display. They were cute moments. If you're wondering what that is in the photo in front of the table, we had three large canvases of the Elf~Fin covers on display. There was no wall space to hang them on but they did get some admiring glances from passersby. Great day in all!

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