Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloud 9 Comix – Australian Digital Comics Publishing

Spectrum Pacific Publishing has just announced the launch of Australia's first digital comic book publisher – Cloud 9 Comix – which will be bringing out the best comics from around the world via iPads and then following up with Android and other platforms.

Spectrum Pacific Publishing – founded by Benjamin Slabak in 1996 in Sydney – has developed and published over 30 computer games and is now venturing into publishing for digital handheld devices under the Cloud 9 umbrella. Mr Slabak says:

"... we will work with and support independent comic book authors and small publishers in making their titles available to an audience that’s wider than ever before. A myriad of digital tablets and e-reader devices are slated for release during 2011 and we expect the digital comic book scene to experience a boom in 2011."

The ever-growing Cloud 9 Comix family, which now features over 150 unique titles from all six continents, makes Cloud 9 Comix the only truly global digital comic book publisher. Additionally, comics will be available in a variety of languages including Italian, Spanish, German, Croatian, and others.

Cloud 9 Comix has currently collected the best of Australian comic book titles under its brand and titles such as Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Vienna, Dark Nebula, Southern Squadron, The Wraith, and others, which are already available for purchase in the Cloud 9 Comix iPad store. Most comics are priced between USD$0.99 and $1.99.

The full catalogue of comics is available on the official Cloud 9 website where you can also download a free iPad app and sample some of the comic book titles.

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