Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Golden Starfish Xmas Black Mermaid™ Just Released

Jozef and I've been remiss in the blogging department of late – heavy deadlines, late working nights and seven-day per week schedules with some of our part-time income generating activities which are going to support the upcoming Elf~Fin™ project. However, Jozef's just come up with this brill new "Golden Starfish" Xmas design in our Celebration Black Mermaid™ range. Halloween isn't over yet and Witchy-mermaid is still around for another few days but we're still bringing Xmas to you now cause we're excited and because she's already up and live on our CafePress site. Outside of adoring this facet of our business and seeing our Black Mermaid™ up and alive in all these different action poses and moods, every dollar of profit we make helps us get to publication faster. Having said that, you get to look great in the clothes, you get to swig out of the Sigg bottle at the gym while you're pounding away on the treadmill, you get to keep your coffee hot on wintery mornings with the ceramic mug or conversely get to keep your drinks cool in hot humid climes, and you get to ease back and relax in an array of soft comfy cushions. Jozef's actually collecting the cushions, my mum's collecting the tile coasters and I'm starting with the tote bags. And for all you Aussies out there reading this – the exchange rate is excellent now so get your Xmas shopping over early. You can find the "Golden Starfish" Xmas Black Mermaid™ online so just CLICK here to get to our CafePress shop.

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