Friday, August 7, 2009

Arts Law Centre of Australia Legal Information and Sample Letters

The Arts Law Centre is the national community legal centre for the arts in Australia and has a veritable treasure trove of legal information and legal letter templates for creative people working in the Arts. As a starting point check out the Legal Information Page where you can access a Copyright Infringement Letter of Demand, Moral Rights Infringement Letter of Demand, Sample Confidentiality Agreement (also known as Non-Disclosure Agreements), and a whole list of other material from Defamation, Indigenous Legal Issues, Contracts, Wills, and Legal Issues for Bloggers. You can become a subscriber and get access to advice and information on law and the arts, receive the quarterly newsletter Art+law which examines creator issues, get discounts on publications and seminars, obtain ongoing legal advice and assistance, as well as access to legal resources such as mediation services – all for $99 for individual artists/students. 

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