Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elf~Fin Issue #2 Cover Revealed!

We promised in a previous blog post we'd bring you a surprise and here it is! Tilaweed in her element. The  "BEFORE" piece is the wash Jozef did to establish the colour palette of Tilaweed's underwater environment (notice it's very different to the colour palette used for Hyfus's ocean territory). Like the Hyfus Issue #1 cover, the realised Tilaweed "AFTER" artwork is essentially a pin-up piece but with story elements embedded into the artwork. When the series is released, there'll be one more piece of visual information added to this cover painting that we don't want to flag just yet. Hope you like it.


Cat said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL

Black Mermaid Productions said...

Thanks, Cat. Your feedback is always appreciated.
It's so nice for us to have Tilaweed back.

P.J. Magalhães said...

Very very nice! Is that still acrylics or is there a little (or maybe all) watercolours?

Jozef said...

Heya P.J.

This was painted with Acrylics on Watercolor paper. I work wet on wet, which can look a little like watercolor. The I build up the opaqueness as I go.

Thanks also Cat. This Tilaweed is quite different from the Tilaweed original you have... what a decade of difference can make.