Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Online Poll Results Are In

We recently asked readers to vote for their Elf~Fin title preferences and we've got the results. In all, 58 pollsters registered their votes  – 45 (78%) of you voted for Story/plot-based titles and 13 (22%) of you voted for Character name-based titles. Jozef and I also took into account some of the commentary that came through on our blog, DeviantArt, FaceBook and by email and we have consequently made our decision. All titles, except for the first book which we are currently working on, will be story/plot-based so in all likelihood it looks like the second book in the series will be called The Wells of Shekimminon. Some of you didn't like The Shuddering as a title for the first book so we're sticking with Hyfus and Tilaweed which seems to resonate with most of you who are familiar with these characters. For those of you who will be meeting the characters for the first time, well we're sure you'll be fine with it as duo name titles are consistent with the conventions of love stories. Thanks for all your feedback – it has been extremely helpful from a creative and business perspective and it has been great fun for us as well to see where your opinions lie.

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