Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mermaid Treasures 11

I took the day off on Tuesday with my mum to avoid the crowds and to finish the last of my Christmas shopping, and drove down to Berrima, a small country town about 150km south of Sydney. In the first gift store I entered my eyes swept to a lovely stack of greeting cards on the front counter – amongst them – a mermaid. I was quite captivated with the illustrations and instantly bought the two you see alongside for my collection (call me selfish but they are just too gorgeous to give away unless, of course, I buy doubles). They are designed by a Melbourne artist Judith Howell. I checked out Judith's website and actually rang her up to have a chat and to ask permission to use the artwork. "No worries," was the reply in what turned out to be a long and engaging phone discussion about all kinds of things. At this point of time she is only selling them wholesale to retailers, but it is my understanding that she is rethinking her position. If you're after them, then either get a retailer in your area to order them in bulk OR add your name to her mailing list and she will inform you if there are any changes in distribution policy. 

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