Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekly Status Report

We apologise profusely for not blogging for an entire week but we have been extraordinarily busy focusing on activities that took longer to complete than we had anticipated. Here is a quick rundown:

●   Jozef has taken a slice of our workshop/seminar Powerpoint Presentation and has added new visuals and examples to it. He is presenting two one hour workshops this coming weekend at the Australian Society of Authors Picture Book Creators' Retreat and another which is being held at the South Australian Writers' Centre. He has done a stellar job of the new content.
●   I have been doing lots of legal research pertaining to an initiative we will be implementing in the next couple of months (we think you'll like it!).
●   I have also just set up a new blog (which will soon have an accompanying information website) in the next couple of weeks, which has to do with my personal commitment to animal welfare – in this case to the rehabilitation of feral cats. If you are interested, you can check it out at
●   On top of that, I have been buying up a whole bunch of domain names on behalf of Black Mermaid™, as well as Jozef and myself which pertain to future publications and activities.
●  Jozef has also been madly working on a double page spread of Elf~Fin.
● I have also managed to get a night of R & R after a long dry social period due to constant work commitments. I went to see a Popcorn Taxi sponsored 35mm screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark (my favourite film of all time) which also featured an audience with the incomparable Karen Allen who looks great and amused everyone with anecdotes about filming in Tunisia in 120 degree heat where everyone bar Stephen Spielberg (who had tins of food shipped in to the set) got food poisoning or "Montezuma's Revenge" as she put it. She also said the monkey in the film was exceedingly bad tempered but that was because he was working in the heat when all he wanted to do was curl up in the cool and sleep. She talked about the famous scimitar scene, the snakes, as well as the audition and casting process. 

I am very tired. Will sleep now. And will get on normal blogging track tomorrow.

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